General Details
Tigonis 1K Acrylic Waterproofing Coating is an acrylic cementitious, polymer modified elastomeric, waterproofing & protective coating. It is applied to waterproof and protect concrete and masonry substrates.

Application areas
Waterproof coating for bathrooms, kitchen sinks, balconies, chhajjas, domestic water tanks, terraces areas etc.

Features & Benefits
Easy to apply by brush
UV Resistance
Excellent adhesion to concrete and masonry substrates
Provides a waterproof surface & eliminate water leakage.
Economic and high durability
Non Toxic
Surface Preparation
Surface must be clean and dry to ensure adequate adhesion.
Surface must free from oil, grease, dust, loose particles and other foreign material.
Cracks and voids must be filled.
Any defects on surface should be repaired prior to application of membrane
Shake the liquid well before mixing.
Add the cement into the liquid portion ( 1 OPC 53 cement : 0.5 Tigocrete ) and mix it slowly with slow speed mechanical stirrer.
Continue to stir thoroughly to achieve lump free homogenous slurry.
Allow the mixture to stand for 5-10 mins to release the trapped air.

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