The LPG industry is soaring and there is no better time to be a part of it. An LPG gas dealership by Shivgas offers you a fantastic opportunity to join hands with one of the leading private gas companies in West Bengal. Shivgas offers complete support in setting up your franchise. The company has a wide network of dealers which is continuously expanding. The three-decade-old company meets the demand of industrial, commercial, and domestic sectors with great efficiency. They offer LPG cylinders ranging from 17 Kg to 425 Kg for domestic and residential purposes respectively. Besides, Shivgas has earned the trust of innumerable customers and dealers. The company is equipped with a robust infrastructure and a highly skilled team, which combined have resulted in exponential growth. Shivgas conducts workshops and offers training in assistance for customers, franchise partners, and other stakeholders to make processes seamless. Interested in taking up an LPG gas dealership? Check your eligibility criteria and apply today:

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