Kutchina Chimney of an excellent after sales service team. We here at Kutchina Chimney, understand the importance of a good customer care. In here we understand the value of the “happy customer”.
Our company use customer care to create an overall impression of an rganization that puts the needs of the customer first above all.After one year down the line our company offers AMC system at a minimum cost . .At KUTCHINA CHIMNEY we completely understand the importance of marketing service-center products and are committed to providing the best of after sales service to all our customers. Customer satisfaction tops the chart in our to-do list. When it comes to products we ensure to deliver quality to enrich customer values.
We have no place for self-centered ideals. We work as a team to uplift your Being-happy status. We strive to maintain crystal clear transparency both in our words and actions. Kutchina inspires every growing individual within the company and moulds them to be more skillful.
We never go for half-hearted measures. All our functioning and workings are measured and strategised to build up the goodwill of the company.
From customer well being to taking initiatives to reward individual brilliancies within the company, Kutchina always keeps up its name as innovations for happiness Kutchina believes to do justice to its name as a dutiful discerning corporate personality.
Kutchina Chimney service is committed to provide total customer satisfaction by eeting all requirements of customers through constant monitoring of customer feedback, continually improving reliability level of service kitchen chimney and identify opportunities for improvements.To sustain long term customer delight, we also bring to the table timely and competent after-sales service. SO CALL FOR SERVICE : Tel= 9007702923

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