Hr executive job
Location: Kolkata - West Bengal
Date Posted: 12 Diciembre
Handling end-to-end recruitment.
Understand the Client Requirements.
Sourcing and screening profiles as per requirement.
Screening the Candidate based upon the Educational qualification, Technical skills, Communication skill and experience
Sourcing the Candidates through Job Portal like Naukri, Times & Monster also through Reference and Network.
Searching resumes through internal databases, references and external entities like Boolean searches, Mass Mailing through job boards, Job Posting, LinkedIn.
Scheduling and Tracking the Shortlisted Candidates till they join.
Advertiser: Particular
Omer Mansion, 29 A, Weston Street, 3rd floor, Kolkata, West Bengal 700012, Kolkata, West Bengal
Susmita Ghosh
Susmita Ghosh

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