High quality tmt bar manufacturer in india - shyam
Location: Kolkata - West Bengal
Date Posted: 30 Abril
Shyam Metalics is the best TMT bar Manufacturer in India known for manufacturing and supplying superior Quality TMT bars all across the country. Shyam Metalics ‘SEL’ TMT bars have properties like fire and corrosion resistance, SEL TMT Bars are fire resistant from 600°C to 650°C. The combined chemistry of steel and advanced quenching process makes SEL TMT fire and corrosion resistant. SEL TMT bars are earthquake resistant and ensures Quality bonding with RCC as well. If you are looking for High-Quality TMT bars in India, then Shyam Metalics has got you covered.
Visit to know more : https://www.shyammetalics.com
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Trinity Tower, 7th Floor, 83, Topsia Road, Kolkata – 700046, Kolkata, West Bengal
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