Give your home a magikal makeover!
Location: Kolkata - West Bengal
Date Posted: 16 Octubre
The best justice we can do to our homes is to adorn them in a way that enhances their appearance as well as functionality. To upraise the look and feel of the home, lighting should be well-thought. Get effective lighting products from Magik Lights to transform your space into an elegant one. It is one of the preeminent LED lights manufacturers in India because of the ultra-efficient, eco-friendly and economical lighting products it offers. Not only this, Magik Lights also hosts a one-stop portal LEDpedia that provides customised lighting plans for your convenience. Head over to their website for a hassle-free experience!
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Century LED Limited - Magik Lights Century House, P15/1, Taratala Road, CPT Colony, Kolkata - 700088, Kolkata, West Bengal

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