The LPG industry is one of the most prospering ones in the country. Take the opportunity of partnering with a 30-year legacy to escalate your business to newer heights through a gas agency dealership. A trusted name in the LPG industry, Shivgas caters to commercial, industrial, and domestic segments. Being a leading private gas company in Eastern India, the company has a strong market base in West Bengal. With a customer-driven approach, Shivgas offers 100% imported LPG at competitive pricing. The company offers LPG cylinders in several sizes including 12Kg, 17Kg, 21Kg, 33Kg VOT, 33Kg LOT, and 425Kg. Get prompt responses to any emergency and expert suggestions from qualified professionals. From complete assistance in getting licensing to handling operations, Shivgas guides you through all the steps to make the process seamless. So, ready to take up a gas agency dealership? Check the official website today:

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