SHIVGAS is offering LPG gas agency dealerships to individuals, partners, and enterprises. Grab the offer to be part of 30 years of the legacy of transforming energy solutions in India. They are a leading private gas company in Eastern India, offering private gas agency opportunities to cities of West Bengal, Odisha, Bihar, and Jharkhand. SHIVGAS imports 100% LPG, and has hydrocarbon-rich liquified petroleum gas, leading to a sustainable tomorrow. They offer full-fledged support in sales, marketing, set-up, and safety training, easing the process of starting a gas agency. They help in providing license, marketing, and sales of gas agency that help in turning the agency into profitable one. You can take dealership for providing to end customer, or as dealer hellping other agencies. So, interested in taking LPG gas agency dealership? Wait no more, contact SHIVGAS today by visiting their official website:

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